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Do we stay or do we go?

blogrenovatestayorgoWhen clients are undergoing extensive renovations there are serious considerations for a homeowner.

Do we stay or do we go?

We have worked with many clients who have made their decision one way or the other, and so here are some tips that may assist.


From a builder’s perspective it is normally preferable for the client to vacate the house for the following reasons:

Safety reasons

Safety is the first and foremost consideration for any responsible builder.

When renovating, the reality is that your house becomes a building site.

If you have children it is MOST inadvisable for your sanity and stress levels to stay and live on a building site, UNLESS the building area can literally be locked away both internally and externally.


There is a perception that by staying in the house the homeowner will save money in the building process by saving on rental costs elsewhere.

This is often totally contrary to the facts.

The reality is that a builder’s costs and time programme will most likely increase when the house is occupied.

The builders have to spend extra time and effort to work around the family’s needs ie retain a working bathroom, designated kitchen area etc. Warm dry areas need retaining, thereby limiting roof work and the list goes on.

Not moving out can cost you money.


Dust and debris are part and parcel of a renovation.

Sanding processes and particularly those on plasterboard for example, create a fine dust residue that will find its way into nooks and crannies you didn’t know you had!!!

Builders wear protective masks but will you and your family wear masks for everyday living?

Any person with any type of sensitive skin or respiratory problem will suffer as a result of the building processes right through to the final painting stage.


We have had some successful “stay and renovate” stories as some of you readers will relate to. This is due to ;

Owners not spending the majority of their time in the house during the renovation.

  • An existing bathroom being functional and unchanged during the course of the renovation.
  • A pleasant, considerable and polite building team. (our team of course!!)
  • Alternative sleeping arrangements for the critical building stages.
  • Clients who have a great sense of humour and a philosophical approach.
  • Clients with a high stress threshold. (Building can be stressful in the best of times and circumstances)
  • Clients who can tolerate a period of household chaos.
  • A builder who clients can trust to be working to limit the pain and the budget.

So now you have the pros and cons you can make an informed decision as to whether to stay or go…. and remember a good builder should always have your best interests at heart and will give you honest advice.

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Author: Nigel Dufton BSC (HONS) Build, M.A.I.B. Bld Lic 41541

Nigel is a Master Builder and Chartered Building Professional with over 32 years post graduate experience in commercial, industrial and residential construction. He has a passion for best building practices and environmentally friendly building solutions. Nigel is the principal of Dufton Building, a highly respected NSW Central Coast building company.

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