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Energy Saving Tips

To prevent drafts and heat loss, close windows and doors, and seal gaps with weather strips.

Heat/cool only those rooms that are being used.

Make sure the ceilings are insulated. A minimum insulation rating of R3 is recommended.

When building a new house, take the opportunity to insulate the floors and walls.

Carpet with a good underlay on wooden floors minimises heat loss.

Block off any chimneys that are unused or install dampers to stop draughts and prevent heat loss.

Place sausage draft stoppers under door cracks.

Remember to close your curtains to keep the heat in on cool nights and the heat out on hot days..

Install pelmets with full length, thermal lined curtains to prevent heat loss and entry.

If you have an internal garage, make sure the door is closed to prevent heat loss.

Install ceiling fans in rooms that have high or cathedral ceilings. The ceiling fan should be running at its lowest speed to slowly push the warm air where it is needed. Of course in summer, change the setting to enjoy the breeze!

Fit automatic door closers to ensure back and front doors are closed after use.

Double glaze windows to prevent excess heat loss.

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Author: Nigel Dufton BSC (HONS) Build, M.A.I.B. Bld Lic 41541

Nigel is a Master Builder and Chartered Building Professional with over 32 years post graduate experience in commercial, industrial and residential construction. He has a passion for best building practices and environmentally friendly building solutions. Nigel is the principal of Dufton Building, a highly respected NSW Central Coast building company.

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