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How To Increase The Value Of Your Home

8 Ways to Increase the Value of your Home and to improve your Lifestyle

Your home is more than just a roof over your head, or a place you go when work’s over. Your home is probably the most valuable asset you own. So it makes perfect sense that you maintain, nurture and enhance its appeal.

Here are 8 ways to improve the value of your house and enjoy living in it.

The Kitchen Renovation

  • A spacious and stylish kitchen can sometimes sell the house by itself and is a joy to  work in and enjoy in your living space.
  • Improving the ‘marketing appeal’ of your kitchen can be a complex & expensive project involving a kitchen renovation specialist, plumber, carpenter, electrician and interior designer etc. It can be as simple as a cosmetic makeover resulting from repainting, a shiny new kitchen sink, brand new cookware and brighter lighting.
  • Solid kitchen benches and high-quality flooring, such as wood, laminate, tile or stone are of high appeal.Newer appliances in working order all help.
  • When choosing tiles, bench tops, paint, cabinet doors, or kitchen appliances, go with colours that will stand the test of time even as fashions come and go. Opt for neutral, rather than bright shades.
  • Ensure that your kitchen is safe to use for children and the elderly.

The Bathroom Renovation

  • Re-tiling the floor, upgrading the toilet or bath can all improve the ambience and value of the humble bathroom.
  • Replacing the shower head & shower screens and ensuring all mould and stains are removed are inexpensive ways to improve the value of your house.
  • Re-tile your bathroom floor – new updated tiles can make all the difference
  • Replace chipped tilesand re-grout if needed.

 Blinds and shutters

  • Timber shutters add instant appeal to any house. Cedar for the traditional house and white for a clean contemporary look.
  • If you can’t afford the shutters, timber venetians are the next best thing. The solid timber are much nicer than the look a likes.
  • Even vertical blinds have come of age and there are amazingly attractive fabrics available. Never thought I’d like a vertical, but I do now.
  • Block out blinds can transform a western facing room by letting the light in but keeping the heat out.

 Lights and electrical

  • Replace old light switches and fittings. This gives an immediate facelift.
  • You can also purchase power pointcover plates in chrome or brass effects rather than the boring white ones.


  • If floorboards are showing a little too much wear and tear, have them re-sanded, washed, stained, painted or simply resealed.
  • Getting carpets cleaned can make a huge amount of difference to the look (and smell) of a home, so calling in the professionals is well worth considering.
  • Old tiles look drab and dated. Re-tiling an area in a non slip light coloured tile can add the effect of space and light to a smaller living area.
  • However, no amount of cleaning is going to lift a floor covering beyond its use-by date, so it may be time to replace what you’ve got.
  • There are also some modern vinyls that are stylish and practical. You’ll be amazed at the range available.
  • Budget – generally you get what you pay for with floor coverings/surfaces so beware going for the cheapest option.


  • Add appeal with more storage space, be it in the kitchen, bathroom or even the garage. A place for everything and everything in its place makes for a tidier and better-looking home.


  • Make sure your house is water and wind proofed. Check for broken roof tiles, rotten and rusting gutters, blocked drainpipes, and fix them sooner rather than later.
  • Is your woodwork in good order? Decking, downposts,pergolas can be gernied down to clean them and then re-oiled/treated.
  • If timber is rotting, replace it, particularly if there are safety issues involved.
  • Pavers should be gernied and any mossy areas removed due to slip factors.
  • Remove weeds.
  • Old Awnings including dated fabric designs look shabby. Give your external area an instantlift by installing modern designs.


  • Good landscaping adds instant appeal to a property. Plant succulents and natives that do not need high maintenance and watering. Use pebbles and rocks as mulch, they wear better and last longer than bark mulch.
  • A swimming pool can be an asset, but not if it’s green. Keep your pool clear all year round. Ensure that your pool furniture is safe and has not deteriorated over a season.
  • Once you’ve tidied up your home you’ll realise how lovely it is and now won’t want to sell after all.

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Author: Nigel Dufton BSC (HONS) Build, M.A.I.B. Bld Lic 41541

Nigel is a Master Builder and Chartered Building Professional with over 32 years post graduate experience in commercial, industrial and residential construction. He has a passion for best building practices and environmentally friendly building solutions. Nigel is the principal of Dufton Building, a highly respected NSW Central Coast building company.

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